CTC - Consulting Training Communication



A warm welcome to all who have joined us today on our companies website !



Our Vision is

We believe that well educated and happy people , organizations and organization / social networks makes  the world a better place. Our purpose is  to help you on your path.


"Be inspired to change yourself, this is the key for happiness"

Angelos Kirianes


"Transform yourself to accelerate your career, organisation and more important to be satisfied with you live"

Angelos Kirianes



We will achieve our vision by focusing on 3 key pillars of excellence.



 Training Communication


We are following and teaching clear values




Tapping into passion, bringing joy to work, being stimulated, being energetic, having a positive mindset

 Growing, changing, improving, making things better in personal life and in you professional environment 

 Speaking openly, being direct and honest with respect for you surroundings 

 Reaching out for help, supporting others to achieve, be a coworker, a teamplayer and leader 

 Speaking up, being bold, experimenting, pioneering, taking risks allways for the beenfit of you organization ans your organizational & social networks 

 Owning the work, following through on commitments, getting results




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